Hasegawa Rie, and “quit waiting” for the catastrophe and unprecedented Comments

Masaki actor Kanda had been said to Goal imminent and talent Hasegawa Rie that 13 days was catastrophe, revealed.It’s Hasegawa became famous in the affair dating with actor Junichi Ishida of 19-year-old difference, but then ex-boyfriend of Ishida married professional golfer, Riko Higashio.Although Hasegawa was also shown a positive attitude and what now seems grooves had occurred between the Kanda was cautious in marriage.

Hasegawa 13th, was catastrophe in “January in the event that took place in Nagoya city.I report themselves catastrophe and such as “I wanted to get married.Updated blog in 14 days Valentine’s Day.I’ve decided to take “a new step.I think everyone’s know but I’ve been waiting for you to believe about one year marriage proposal.But, unfortunately wish did not come true “, I have spelled the feelings straight for the catastrophe of the Kanda.Of the same day broadcasting “Hiruobi! “(TBS system) But Hasegawa monologue interview was broadcast.

Futari May 2010, Kanda’s “morning chaired! The raw journey salad “development in dating in opportunity that Hasegawa in (TV Asahi) was a guest appearance.Love of whereabouts of 23-year-old difference couple had attracted a lot of interest.

Last year in January, Kanda When asked about marriage to reporters “Why panic of so much? I will go in slow “L”! “L” is even is also LOVE LIFE.And because I’m a good year, slowly I going to enjoy life “and stated.However, one of the Hasegawa as such “because such things there opponent I’ll try,” “I think if the’m good waiting”, has been fully expand the public approach a couple.

And as Kanda are fed up to the “pressure” of these Hasegawa, the last year in October, “Shukan Bunshun” (Bungeishunju) but reported a catastrophe, Hasegawa “two people of truth in the blog, looks like..(Laughs) “and to me for a harmonious two-shot photos of the Kanda, to dispel the catastrophe theory.In November was the ardent love of Futari scoop “Women Seven” is (Shogakukan), Hasegawa has been “rushed move” near his home in Kanda, and had told that it is a close marriage.

But after all, is provided a forum for discussion in January this year, that the end is struck by the dating of 1 year 8 months.Kanda is that it was not issued a positive answer with respect to marriage, Hasegawa referred to as “(proposal a) another stop was to the wait”.Ishida and companionship but also period was as long as eight years of, resulting in but did not make it into the finish line, it became a form that also missed a chance this time.

“Ex-boyfriend of Ishida” Rie is so is bound as was talking to death spree “the belongings inspection from wallet from your mobile and home was intense for Hasegawa.The “Nde was go with almost all the watch that has been collected, I want you to return it if possible” If you are exposed both, I will differ significantly from the appearance of Hasegawa glimpse from the media “(entertainment writer)

It’s strong Hasegawa impression that had been swayed by Playboy of Ishida, but in relation to dating and at least this time of Kanda will be apparent that had been brandishing Hasegawa side.

When I went to the “Hasegawa of events coverage, enclosed conference had been scheduled could have been canceled in the hastily Hasegawa side of convenience.Kanda and Will had a you do not want to talk about feelings dating, but reporters that it was not enthusiastic I was disappointed.But question himself in the blogs and wide show, told the stark for catastrophe.This Shitataka of it might be learned from Ishida, by is not good is subject of media to devote itself to run away in public “(sports newspaper reporter)

For better or worse, Hasegawa has sprinkled a lot of buzz in the love story so far.In some for catastrophe of the Kanda because he can “new boyfriend is?”And also has been modest, I just hope that this time what it is covered in the auspicious news.

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