Busan, Korea round trip 3500 yen limited time from Hakata, cheaper than going to Nagasaki!

Even going abroad, it became cheaper surprisingly.Korean passenger high-speed boat that was flying to Daya fast shipping is February 10, 2012 “Dream” (300 people capacity, 303 tons) Using the, and but a limited time, Fukuoka and Hakata – between Korea and Busan reciprocating 3500 ‘s circle.

The home port of Busan Port is starting in the morning, and set the stroke wrap from Hakata Port in the afternoon, and operating one flight daily except Wednesday.I is expected to embarkation of about 100 000 people a year.Busan for people of Fukuoka resident, I sense that you go out in the town becomes a very.

Desire of flying “First, know asked want to be” ever Tsushima (Nagasaki) – for Daya fast shipping, which has been operating the Busan route, Hakata – Busan route flying was a “dream come true”.Of Genkai, connecting in 3 hours and 15 minutes without swaying larger waves of three meters.

Special pricing is to commemorate the flying of the “round trip 3500 yen” cheap, until the end of March.The company Fukuoka branch, it is said, “desire come true by the fact that the flying of, and gratitude, from the thought of like to know first the” Dream “(the price) I was allowed to set”.

In addition, “other companies compared with’re sailing the high-speed boat of jet (gas turbine) engine, Dream is also moving in the diesel engine, also is possible that fuel cost rises cheap” also described.

For now at 1 flight a day, 14:45 departure Hakata If you go from Japan, Busan 18:00 clothes.Return path Busan 9:00 departure, since in Hakata 12:15 wear, it is necessary to 1 nights in Korea, there is also travel company that sells a tour of early also “Dream + with hotel”, in the lowest It is sold from 6900 yen.

According to the company the Fukuoka branch, every day reservations have been flooded, already boarding flights weekend until the end of March is fully booked.We have seen as “the March or not there is a need, such as graduation trip”.

In addition, it requires a separate fuel surcharge.1500 yen in Hakata, terminal use fee is 500 yen (also required in Busan) is applied.

Four companies compete, or broke out in the future price competition?Currently, Fukuoka and Hakata – Busan route you are operating as “Beetle” of JR Kyushu high-speed ship “Coby” of South Korea and the future high-speed, four companies of the passenger ship “New Camelia” Camellia line, about 300 000 people a year I will but use.

In the entry of Daya fast shipping, price cuts competition of fare there is a view that intensifies.JR Kyushu high-speed boat is usually one way ¥ 13,000 (adult).However, the use of the payment of the Internet reservation, credit card, (until the expiration period three days and two nights) “Super Beetle Special” is round trip 10,000 yen, “Beetle Special” is one way ¥ 10 000, round trip ¥ 15,000 tickets I can get in.

For Daya fast shipping also since April fare, if you are to be “during this month we will decide”, probably going to be about ¥ 13,000 in the normal price.

On the other hand, Turning to the domestic, if you go out by using the JR from Hakata, to Sasebo Kumamoto and Nagasaki, takes 2070 yen only ticket, take 3570 yen you go to Nagasaki.

Also by bus, and 2500 yen from Hakata Bus Terminal to Nagasaki Bus Terminal, you can not very round trip in the “3500 yen”.Kyushu tourist destinations, something being fearful.