Program also reported soon? Isono Chirico, younger bartender he and catastrophe!?

Sudden divorce from a year and a half, this time it’s Chirico Isono, which was announced in a variety program and has been dating a younger bartender Takahashi Higashiware’s in public, but have recently ran Megu~tsu the catastrophe information in the industry.

Isono is November 2009, published in the “legal counseling centers that can matrix” a divorce between Hiroyuki Shoji husband is a responsible manager who Tsureso~tsu six years (NTV).Open the press conference in the agency immediately after the cause of the divorce that is due to the cheating husband, she had told the stark and that cut out a farewell from the other side.

And acquaintance hit it off with Takahashi that becomes the current boyfriend in Tokyo bars.Last year it appeared all together two of the “matrix ~” Takahashi-san and in October, Isono has also announced that to open a bar in Tokyo sponsored.

Even after several months from the “flashy dating declaration, there is no sign of still bar opens.Although some in the “In the dating” was the relationship of two of that was told to and, from the fact that recently became even less opportunity to climb to the topic Takahashi seems catastrophe theory began whispered in the industry.In addition, in the provinces of wide show “divorced famous talent, ordinary people were men and catastrophe of the younger two around” seems to be broadcast both “(weekly magazine reporter)

So, to is new to also have come up with an inquiry try as “such a to (catastrophe related to) talk to agency officials Isono, with respect to dating the current Isono, never say that such was catastrophe.Certainly bar is not open today, since this is is that there are a variety of timing other than two, and time is yet to be determined, such as, “It was completely negative with respect to catastrophe.

Also Takahashi also have face of as an amateur kick boxer, dating discovered at the time but was a member of the gym of Chiba Prefecture, also here, “Because I unsubscribe at last year’s time, do not know the present situation” (relationship person) and things.

Love problem that you do not know only to the parties eventually where was worried about how much the surrounding.Only to Isono which has announced a divorce and new lover through a variety show, it would really be willing to report in the same way if was celebrated the catastrophe.Or reports of opening of Isono Produce bar to become before …….I want to look forward to the report in any event.

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