“Look me, the best thing has arrived from Japan!” Foreigners thrilled to auction of goods

The world’s largest auction site E-bay, the buying and selling of across the country have been actively carried out.

Where there foreigners were successful bid $ 2.25 (about 180 yen), large joy as great you do not over even think has arrived.

What luggage was from Japan.

& Nbsp;
The label of the EMS (Express Mail Service) in the arrived box.I was tried to open it but …….

What’s This …?I’m ordered Revoltech figure rather than a snack.

Oh, it’s kind letter containing.And with origami.It’s a good guy.


[I see the image]
Cheese snack

[I see the image]
The waffle-cut snack.

[I see the image]
Yet another waffle cut snack.

[I see the image]
It’s the paid is “Yotsuba figure”.

[I see the image]
The entire photo.

In fact it seems to put a postage was a little suffering, but this how to send kind goods are impressed, the overseas bulletin board comments had been flooded.

The excerpt to will introduce.

Is it Tteyuu with snack bag, cushioning material.That’s genius.

Change: what used to cushioning material-in this is, I want to start from here.

Air packing Amazon is a favorite (bubble wrap) and expanded polystyrene and do not it little more than price?

· Moreover, most of the snacks it’s a air 60%.

Since Styrofoam small fleck of is-is made from corn starch, it is in the time being cushioning material close to the meal.

– But I but bad.

Japan of chips are well suited.I’ll small.I do not say Wu America size of, but want a more normal European size.

· Japanese’m kind.

– Just Do not say only that of war.

– Also after whales and dolphins.

· I It’s to be properly written reply.

– I served with thanks of goods.

• The men of this party, I’ll send something of their own country.

– In this nice Asian gentleman, I think it good to put the following:.
> Doritos
> Beef jerky
> San Chips
> Cheat –
> Pringles
> Red Bull
> Mountain Dew
> 4Loco
Letter> hearty thanks

– And give me a snack, to jealousy with There are great foreign penpals.

You should become a pen pal.

Revoltech of-rather “Yotsuba” I was found in how $ 2.25.

Kit Shipping’s $ 24.

– I’m the place where now, was back from Tokyo, but the Japanese people were very friendly and helpful.I to me to contact even if if he wants another alone penpals.I want to practice the Japanese.

• This heartwarming him for his writing a letter, it seems to sucks it is not the answer.Do was a kindness, aside or did not have a handy buffer material, when you are from foreign trading partners so far, but it of course is to be the happy.

Enhance the first time the Japanese sweets, because often it is envied abroad, to use a candy package as a cushioning material is I think a good idea.

※ By the way, I think useful to try using personally is, of the type that a small snack bag led about five.

The best $ 2.25 I have spent on eBay

I see all the [“saw me, the best thing has arrived! From Japan” foreigners thrilled to auction of goods]