When you deal with Uchida tree Mr. women “most are you Innovation Bo”

Introduction and entertainers past the mid-60s that was the Katocha is, but example to marry a young woman who was quite a year away is seen a lot since last year, this tells us that it is not merely to begin the sixtieth birthday.

Currently, Kobejogakuindai professor emeritus-tree Mr. Uchida during the “curse of the age” and the like is best-selling, from gentlemanly narrative intelligent, female fans are numerous.And divorced in 1989, Uchida who has been brought up a daughter in one Otokode was married to the original student of the younger 20-year-old three years ago.Popular thinker of contemporary one preach the Mote road of “over 60”.

* * * Knotweed eat insects called love love, or because you have a variety of women in the world, any man also reasonably be supposed popular among.However, since the feature such as “Choi Walther father is popular among” on television and magazines, is no longer the insect commenting eat knotweed, it would fits in “routine” that “must be this way.”.

There is a need to get a look at the part of the popular among the net with 60 only.And because only time and the young can or put brackets.I? Of course, “I I Chapter!” I thought I.

My wife is a student of the year that I was appointed to the university.At the time, I was living on my doorstep.Had been doing is introduced when I asked the babysitter is was her.”That, Are you my’re not a child you are taking my class?”That” I live in the neighborhood of the teacher’s house. “.

And became friends from there.She Because Noh, it became a time when it is in master of apprentice.365 days, because you will be implanted in the road, it’s not far from mingle with man.

After all, we waited for 10 years of apprentice age.Training is the end, it came to me along with the teacher it means that finally can be independent.”I was much waiting, For getting or not me.” At that time teacher is with, I was out forgive.Even though the year is away, I human basically Aunt type.Speaks with women I do not bother.I hear me “Heh, that so” any topic.

It should be careful when women and your relationship is I guess that you do not misunderstand that the “you of it has been well understood.”.I “I wonder do not know what thinking is to”, and that has been the most Bo.Psychologist named Robin Dunbar wrote that there is better to have accepted the “no difference to not understand even with my brain.”.

Brain to shrink and take Decide “It woman Nante such a thing.”.Kind of is close to the monkey, man I regret by simianized.You can trouble me “do not know I wonder”, function better you are anxious of the brain as worrying endlessly is so I activated.”And I bewildering” I’m good is that (laughter).

※ Shukan Post March 2, 2012 issue