Explain the plight of Bayern Usami “in the same position is the best of the players in Europe.”

Bayern Karl-Heinz Rummenigge, President, for the factors that have not been obtained the participation opportunity as I think the Japanese MF Takashi Usami, told the German magazine “kicker”.

Rummenigge president, “(Jupp) Hainkesu coach has praised the thing of Usami.However, in the same position as him There are (Thomas) Muller and (Arui~en) Robben, they’m the best player in Europe.Therefore, it is tough was I “and comment on Usami.Even in Usami referred to as Japan’s leading talent, it seems it has been difficult to obtain a participation opportunity in the top club in Europe.

It should be noted that in Germany paper “Bild”, the contract extension negotiations Usami and Bayern that rental Transfers from G Osaka became broken off news.Usami Although league appearance of the season has remained one game of played the way, the acquisition after this season I was told that such Hoffenheim and Nuremberg have shown interest.

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