KEIKO, appeared Tetsuya Komuro is well recovery appeal barefoot & mini skirt

Currently in rehab, KEIKO’s music unit “globe (Globe)” the state of the (39), Tetsuya Komuro’s musician husband has been published in Twitter on February 21, 2012.Wearing a pink mini-skirt, it is showing a healthy appearance.

KEIKO san, October 24, 2011, had been hospitalized and suffered a subarachnoid hemorrhage.Surgery was discharged successful in December, you are sent a rehabilitation living at home.

“I do not look at all ww in older than me,” Komuro-san, along with the murmur of “snap of when I went to the hospital after the Valentine’s Day!”, Was up the whole body photo of KEIKO’s standing in front of the door.Black sweater in pink mini skirt, black knit cap, in dressed as boots, leg extending from the skirt seem to bare feet.Although half is hidden in the face with a mask, florid face well, and seems to be recovering steadily.

From the fan,

“It was good your healthy likely a !!! (crying)”
“This, Is raw leg?”
Such as the “ww which is not visible to the older than me at all”, it is followed by a retweet rejoice recovery.

In addition, this year’s Valentine’s Day, hand-knitted scarf also the case was a gift, also KEIKO’s Photos nestling in Komuro, who was wearing a scarf you are publishing.Smile and pose also determined by, it can be seen well energetic state from here.