Battle of UFC Japan tournament main MMA highest peak

The 26th (Japan, local time), UFC144 to be held at the Saitama Super Arena “Edgar vs Henderson” = UFC JAPAN.’11 Two months swing of UFC Japan tournament, becomes the Zuffa regime, seen for the first time Octagon in Japan.

According to the United States of PPV relay, the start of the main fight is noon, Purerimi-opening match but the events in the time zone no example in the past that the 9:30 start the morning, the UFC from the first match if anyway inevitably get up early I want to thoroughly feel.

I met the name of the Japanese fighter to array of tournament, the main of direct import from the home card, the UFC World Lightweight Championship bout was prepared.And lightweight lightest and strongest champion = Frank Edgar, 5 minutes 5R round of the challenger Benson Henderson would movement of modern MMA highest peak is seen.

In both wrestling-based, all-rounder that was standard equipped with a jiu-jitsu and blow warfare.More of reflected in the aggressive, it from become particularly to fight in the UFC in the way of the challenger, Pound and the elbow has continued gaining power.

By applying a pressure in the blow, while flashes of hooks so that they can get one shot, stuffed with distance drive.It’s Henderson to continue to the take down from the push to the cage, but one of Edgar does not give stuffed with the distance, with a magician specific footwork of Maai.

Mainly an opponent, move in an arc at Octagon, while the movement of a circle along the slip and Octagon, and returns to the front of the opponent.This is repeated to the left and right, and continue moving in front of the other party as a figure-eight.Step is a wiggle, when punch, painful to read or kick to come, if the time Henderson to go to the reaction, tired feeling, would rise even breath.

Edgar, to increase the trouble riding in this rhythm, do not be ineffective or to twist blow as soon as movements of the opposing.There is timing, bad – would not first be an unreasonable roundhouse until give di.Basic, when you turn to the left in the figure-eight step for the orthodox is often hit the barrage to stand in front of the opponent, if Henderson is pack a distance, not when the right-handed, when you are left-handed wonder.

Of course, since Edgar will also move to consider the defense of the take-down, such as reverse to attack using the takedown to feint, Henderson is able to derail the Edgar of rhythm if Misere, might Rokr to good of slugfest.

Interesting, not interesting, or determine KO – not a part of, UFC the process is spread over and over again for that KO and one win, I want to enjoy the battle of the top each other.
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