10 large habit of Chinese who can not understand the Americans?- Chinese media

February 20, 2012, Xinhua of China, as the Americans Some of the lifestyle of the Americas Chinese there are things hard to understand, introduced the typical 10 large habits among its.

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1. Drink profusely tea.And also many cups many cups in the same tea leaves.I’m drinking all day in the office.

2. I blindly humility.When praised the first time in work, “No, no, ridiculous.I mystery, is still “and humility.”It is still a shortage to interview also has ability.I would say that does not and “and study more, and miss work.

3. Speak Chinese in Chinese to each other to have beside the Americans.Despite the misunderstanding Americans to be “I’m talking about that do not want to hear in my kit”.

4. It wants to avoid that annoying.If that happened any problems, and I will not be trying to solve standing in front.

5. It is not immediately issue a conclusion.”I personally as the opinion” or “This is my idea of ​​individual” to use in favor of the word, and will not be speaking like to represent the company.Opportunity to take home to be sure the company to be “well try to study”, there is no prompt decision.

6. I do not say things clearly.Even if you clearly know that the other party is wrong, it or point it out, you do not or correction.I say the various complaints in the shade instead.

7. We entertain the customers too much.Luxury is to treat a large amount of food to customers in the restaurant are thought courtesy, but not displayed only a sign of vanity to Americans.

8. It is not Torikakara to work in the ass to catch fire.Become a deadline last minute, work is sloppy so get started in a hurry.

9. Eat anyway anything.

10. Profusely and noisy.If anyone is making noise in public places, it’s surely Chinese.(Translation and editing / Hongo)