Rooms Transsexual four people employed in the crew of the female frame, the first flight to China – Thailand Airlines

February 21, 2012, adopted a Transsexual airline of Thailand, which is scheduled to be in service in March this year “P.C.AIR (Pee Sea Air)” is the female flight attendants frame and become a hot topic roast.And that the destination of the first flight will be in Tianjin and Hong Kong of China.International Zaisen told.

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The company is adopted cabin crew of 30 people, 10 men, 16 women, and has a configuration that four Transsexual.There is only expected the sex change powers, and to the extent you do not know the Transsexual absolutely just by looking at the package “beauty” just.According to the company, the company will also not be subject to discrimination from the complete meritocracy with other colleagues.

Peter Chan, president president with experience that worked in ’15 as himself cabin crew (48).”Family understanding of can not be obtained from a number of transsexual friends from previous.Does not work as well work.Go out and overseas travel has also been told bitches such inconvenience “, I had wanted to be someday force.

A new airline company was born at the beginning of last year.Through the preparation period of a year and a half, it plans to service in March.I connecting Thailand and China, Tianjin, Chengdu, Changsha, Hong Kong, the major cities of South Korea.(Translation and editing / NN)