To Yukie Nakama and couple!? The Yoichi hot water is “good at I?”

February 22 (water), the event “press seminar on passive smoking prevention” by Pfizer was held in Tokyo.What this is, it has been made to the machine to be enacted every month the 22nd from this month as the anniversary of “non smoking (Swan Swan) of the Day”.The venue, appeared Yukie’s and hot water Yoichi’s fellow actress was appointed to campaign character of non smoking treatment campaign, it revealed that plays a husband and wife role in the new CM.

[Photo] fellow that has been cheering the hot water Yoichi’s Yukie’s

February 23 from (Thursday), but fellow-san and hot water san to start broadcasting of new CM “non smoking family” Hen who played husband and wife role, hot water san “honest, I wonder if I may be a forced labor’s fellow and I thought, “said the shy.In the wake of this, listen to, but the hot water’s smoking history in ’25 in real life say that to challenge the non smoking treatment, fellow-san “This time, people who become forced labor is, to play a great role (referred to as non smoking treatment) Because we, told the impressions and I was “surprised and Na’s very.

Finally, the appeal fellow san “to be non smoking alone, and is Kakaekoma not, please also consider methods that get cooperation by, for example, declare around,” said a non smoking treatment.Hot water Mr. “I was non smoking with your doctor.I’m sure I’m good for the body is better to stop the tobacco, thoughts and that, in the feelings of the family, it was concluded the event by advice think “and non smoking is possible to.[Tokyo Walker]

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