Degree of exposure UP let alone disappear from the media after the W affair uncovered.The Yamaji Toru of crisis management tech! ?

In December 2010, the exposure that Miyoko Omomo is, Toru-san and Asagi Kuniko Mr. Yamaji ex-husband on Twitter had affair.3 people suddenly became the man of the time.But, most of the big sparks drew the author of this book, Mr. Yamaji.It is not the difference it ‘s end as a journalist to anyone thought.

But, still he has been involved in coverage.Is it just, in the television, such as “Mote man” “gender issues expert”, it’s most dominating, such as if it were given a special title.

Why was possible it? I asked to Yamaji’s issuing the book “The Power to survive the carnage” that can take even a so-what attitude.

– I was I think I’ll Serve well this time of this.

Gee, it was very time of the affair turmoil.If you mistake in the handling, at once “bomb” was thought to explosion.I to interview were also flooded.However, coverage of the theme that I receive as time went on, I began to change from the “truth of the incident” “Do Yamaji Why popular among the”.And, I have been allowed to go on TV and magazines even now.

When I look back now, there is a straightforward to get through to those that shambles.And I I think I was able to select it.As a result, it came to be recognized as a character which is not expecting.This experience and I think that there is a meaning to other people.Also in the field of business even between men and women, because the thing you are lying around everywhere shambles.

– I see.In, Mr. Yamaji would Why was able to more than well the shambles.

Discovered initially, I think it is large was able to devoted to apology.People will be able to scold people to excuse Arekore, but when you are lowering the gracefully head, more than that is what it is difficult to pursue.First of all, important to prevent the deterioration of the situation by suppressing the emotion and pride.

– Sure, it had continued to apologize earnestly at a press conference.The world of air has changed, I think that was from around that began to appear in, such as “Sunday Japon” TV show.

If you continue to apologize, it comments that will defend me on Twitter began to appear.Since the tide began to change, as yourself of the image is “overwritten”, it began out to various program.

– And honor recovery of chance came.

Any shambles, visit the opportunity to recover sure if you have continued the apology honor.However, at that time, it must not impair capture the needs of the other party.I, viewers had appeared to think the “Do me amused what Yamaji Toru”.If you have an excuse for self-protection, this matter is my Hold story, it would not have to be a point that is plunged.

I do not think that person is me forget if vertical when.As I was waiting to directly calm down, even if no longer climb to the topic, the people would remain in memory and as “W affair Yamaji”.So, overwriting the image I need.For this reason also, the opportunity of honor recovery is important.

– This know-how, it might be effective as a politician of the manual was a slip of the tongue.

But the things is you study and practice, people like being in the center of today’s politics, looks like the person who did not come to only study often.What I was able to deal with the uproar, since has been come to the experience, such as feel the danger of life on the battlefield coverage.So I was accustomed to calm.

I want to tell the person of the week pre-young readers, it is that fear the pinch.Is not it boring Nante appointment harmony life.Life is to not be changed and there is no something, shambles is a chance for the.Life is not long enough to think your people.Stepping on the accelerator in the corner, and I hope that a lot of experience to the determination.

Toru Yamaji (Yamaji, Toru)
Born in 1961, born in Tokyo.Through TBS TV, the TV Asahi production, and independent in 1992, founded the nation’s first conflict zone professional independent news agency APF News Agency.Currently, punishment 3

■ “The Power to survive the shambles” (Kobunsha / 1365 yen)
Omomo Miyoko by tweet of his ex-wife and “was a shock, that it was found that her ex-husband had an affair with Kuniko’s Asagi”.Or Yamaji, who was knocked off in life maximum of crisis, was survived by how to.It reveals a valid crisis management surgery also in trouble of business

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