In the UFC, “history strongest of KID is I seen”

The 22nd (water), I met the old face in an open workout which took place in Tokyo, Shibuya of Gold’s Gym.Former Chute Boxe Japan and Sergio Cunha who was teaching at the Yoshida Dojo, is the person.

Currently led by Toronto of Mecca MMA he is, as hitting coach of Yamamoto KID IsaoYu, had played a visit to Japan.UFC2 losing streak, the KID no after, what you learn in Toronto, what to show us in the Saitama Super Arena.I asked Sergio Cunha.

– Cunha, it is a come as seconds of after a long time surely Yamamoto KID IsaoYu players in Japan did not even think.KID did you not trained how much the players.

“It’s about three months.I I stretched three months the camp in Mecca MMA team of Toronto that has served as a coach.I will be teaching a blow, BJJ, I’m perfect team also stomach wrestling coach.Conditioning coach was also firmly supports that of the KID ”

Two games in –UFC, do you think that there was any problem in the KID players.

“MMA’s a sport that is constantly advancing.The KID, full camp, such as was done this time was necessary.So, we were able to wash out from a small fixes.

KID Pure Wrestling, Pure grappling, the practice of hitting is to win in MMA, was training on the basis of firm strategy.that we came, the result comes out on Sunday.I’m sure, and beat up the opponent. ”

── What kind of plus fixes to the point.

“KID’s a fighter with explosive power.I have a TKO win in 16 games.While it has been proven striker with power.However, when he defeated, often opponent of wrestler.I was focusing on there.

him to win in the game, was bestowed the indispensable combination.At the same time, we went to practice in line with the game plan for KID take the top.And, I had put the escape Kana, the force from the joint Move.Because my specialty’s blow, of course, clinch from high kick, elbow, has been doing knee anything.

Of course, I can not afford to teach the strategy of KID is because before the game, ready to be able to take down from any state has been trimmed.At the same time KID is a powerful striker, it because a good wrestler.And moving so as not to be knocked down, training to put the blow also has been fully doing.I And, KID’s rhyme really Takumi Even Jiu ”

── I see.By the way, the knee injury that KID players suffered in ’08.Since then, KID but players can also view that no longer be exhibited stride, How does the tone of the current knee.

“Knee is not 100% problem.His camp, I’ll was perfect.I’ve supported the KID in all aspects.Not just by looking at the physical care of the training time, we’ve been doing well of diet surface management.

And, doctor says that’s his knee okay 100%.In this period of training, it was just more than three kilometers in the amount of muscle.I’m sure, will ever strongest of KID is seen.To that end, because I we have formed a camp ”
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