Nogizaka46 alpine Kazumi “drinking allegations.His is the scary likely crushed “

alpine Kazumi of Nogizaka46 past blog underage drinking is suspected has been rumored to have leaked to update the blog on February 22 (2012), we were denied the allegations.

‘s Debut date of Nogizaka46 this day.”Today is the first time the day of our songs fall into the hands of everyone.Never so happy. ”

“February 22 wrote in a blog long ago that it ‘s important day for my family.The first time I say it to you today.Is my brother’s birthday.It was a favorite brother of just one person.Happy birthday! I think this year would like to present my CD.And I wish happy if you gladly have us in heaven … and because that of friendly brother I think that it is very pleased me. ”
“Nogizaka46, start.The real beginning is I thought it from here.To become even one person to idle to be loved by many people, and I will do my best over the life.I will hang in there because there are fans.There will also be suspected of the fact that you do not have it as become famous.It is scary and he crushed likely, but I am me! “