Miki chairman remarks net large fire boll side Watanabe objection to workers’ compensation certification of “suicide employees”

For workers’ compensation certification of suicide employees, Watanabe Miki chairman of pub chain “boll” is and that was tweeted, it has been criticized on the net.In cottonseed, recognition of work situation you are countered with different and Certification.

Watanabe Miki chairman itself, it could have been speaking of going to was friendly and committed suicide employee.But, ironically, it is called the antipathy to the contrary, it got up in flames on the net.

According to the “labor management can be recognized was not not” report, for the suicide were female employees (26), in the Kanagawa workers’ compensation insurance examiner February 2012 dated 14, in the overtime work of about 140 hours or more a month as well We have concluded that the cause was developed adjustment disorder.That basis, it was considered revoke the decision of Rokisho Yokosuka, which was not paid to workers’ application for survivor.And unfamiliar cooking business is allowed to until the early hours, and that the holiday also had Kona-sa and early morning training sessions.This employee had committed suicide from joining after two months.

That one month ago, and as such as “body is hurt”, it had noted a bitter cry “Please somehow help” to the notebook.

If it’s overtime of 140 hours a month, so that the seven hours a day as a five-day work week also had overtime.In the case 17:00 is scheduled, it is calculated that was working until midnight.

Despite examiner has certified this, Watanabe Chairman, on Twitter 21 days that have been reported, “recognition of and was not able to labor management, No” was a remark.And explained that the reason “her mental and fellow physical burden had been trying to reduce at all,” muttered a “matter of workers’ compensation certification, is very regrettable.”.”But, to her death, I regret it is not only.First of existence purpose of the company, I was because I “happy employees.

However, Watanabe chairman is not mention the presence or absence of overtime, there was no word of apology.From the fact that, on the net, standing to be able to labor management in the overtime of the “month 140 hours?”” I’m just become a commotion that such criticism Na is not so good only with black “is flooded.

Past remarks, February 21, 2012 in one after another bashing boll of the site, issued a comment on the work situation of suicide were female employees.But, again, “because it is different from the Company’s recognition, this decision is regrettable,” and said only with, did not show how it is different whether concrete evidence and recognition.

Watanabe Miki Chairman, then also it is possible that you tweet about the female employees, drew criticism.Relates a visit to Bangladesh as a school corporation president for sister school construction, I was saying that “died she also believe that me to expect.”.On the other hand, have come up with a voice to such a rebound is no reason to become a bother to hope for is to have committed suicide in the workers’ compensation.

In this fire commotion, past remarks Watanabe chairman, are exposed to bashing.

In business magazine on August 10 “(in a meeting at the 8th floor Toka 9 floor building) Now, here from Tobioriro! And in and say okay,” and that is that you scold employees was introduced to, once again criticism of the eye directed.In addition, his January 20, 12 on the blog, about what I wrote and complained of a “suicide zero of society” when you run for governor election also is countered such as “Which mouth or say it!” It came out.

Watanabe Chairman, in the tweet of June 15, 11 “boll is not a black companies swear to heaven and earth meek,” but have stressed that, it also seems to have become the bashing of material.

When interviewed public relations group of cottonseed, personnel as such absence, the answer was not obtained.