I had got at least ¥ 100,000 in Kijima Kanae defendant once physical relationship

Matchmaking is from a man who had met at the site to have defrauded more than total 100 million yen “matchmaking fraud woman” Son and Kijima Kanae defendant (37 years old).She has made the men one after another suspicious death was Mitsuga, for three of the six people who died, it has been charged with, such as murder.From February 17 accused question is performed, testimony about Kijima defendant of the case is calling the big topic.

However, never not a beauty I wonder she was what exactly are attractive to attract the male ….male dating partner had been living up to the moment that Kijima defendant is arrested, at that time, it had said such a thing in this magazine.

“Honest story, I thought Wow! And when it met for the first time.But unpleasant feeling enough not accept physiologically did not.I usually wonder think Na and also if you lean.That appearance is, it was an opportunity that had to trust and “can get married in peace and if this person” ”

Sense of security that exude from Kijima defendant also, probably was one of the attractive if from them.

I was happy every day that can breakfast to occur “in the morning.In the morning hot cake, daytime peperoncino and noodles and fried eggs, rice cooked in fried the evening, grilled salmon, there was also that it made me a containing pot-au-feu of sausage “(supra, the original dating partner)

Kijima defendant, has graduated from the famous cooking school also attend celebrity.By satisfying the stomach of lonely men single in the specialty of food, and took away also their heart.In one of the suspicious death were men, words skillfully that had asked for assistance of this money.

“I am a student of music universities abroad, after graduating in large companies of the music system in Japan has decided job as managers.But my father died in a plane crash, it is tough to pay the mother sick … tuition.If you no longer attend the university, it is impossible to employment ”

No way it is also not be considered as such as it is fraud, but because the man was willing to aid.

Kijima defendant to the “dead man” only you can trust, rely on “send email, such as,” I have Owada house and connection of your home of Princess Masako.Both relatives of do’s “seems to have been said” (friend of the deceased man)

E-mail, such as imparted care, a lot of men by making full use of bold bluff and various rhetoric “were rolling” Kijima defendant.The talks in stark also about sex life in this trial, we have to reveal if he had been the men captive how.

That Kijima defendant, before carrying out the matchmaking fraud, had earned the money by the SEX in the mistress contract and dating club.”Once it will bear the physical relationship had received a minimum of 100,000 yen” “speak as such as” had earned monthly average 1.5 million yen in the SEX, from the other party,

“Among you have ever (SEX), amazing woman as you do not”, “high features that are inherent than the technique.”

It was to praise obtained as spoke proudly and.

※ women Seven March 8, 2012 issue