Company visit another old one hand to resume? Recommend a new job hunting

In recent years which is apt to reduce the number of new graduates, for everyone of college students, many of the companies, it has been followed by severe job hunting.When it comes to job hunting, it is that there is a step you are determined and so begins company information session, document screening, first interview, and secondary interview … but, job hunting such Maybe old already … of that is the subject of this place.

Pointed out longer, Charlie Hoehn Mr. freelance marketers is, resume is not the person who is best method necessarily in order to obtain a job.Rather, we recommend that you work for free.

Of course, job hunting conventional obtained carrier in Education plus interview as doctors, will continue to be valid in the occupations of some but, Hoehn said, progress that playing “something in the speech of TED I preached and “lead to.

This, and this it does not mean that the work in intern, for people that I can respect, may give the job he wants, that work at no charge.And participate in advanced projects with excellent people, Hoehn Mr., thanks to having worked at no charge, from the company side “reverse nomination”, it seems to have adapted to receive a job offer is now actually.

To practice this, must be stored in the corresponding course.On the other hand, it is possible that if you try to Tsuko a job to earn money, and thus exhausted to work it is not a real intention to be obtained a job with much effort.In other words, in any event, its own way of “costs” is not take, but the recipe of the Hoehn said the former course.It intends to invest in yourself for a while, it is possible to accumulate funds necessary for life for the time being, to raise enough track record to work for free, it is to approach the work that I really want to “under” this.

Not too bound by formal job hunting, conceived free to approach another, it’s into action as well, I might secret plan to successful job hunting.Speech of Mr. Hoehn You can see the video at the beginning.As for the theme of the same, so we picked up any “tips of four to get a dream job from the inexperienced” life hacker article archive, your information together.
TEDxCMU – Charlie Hoehn – The New Way to Work | YouTube

Adam Dachis (original / translation: Yukiko Matsuoka)