Tohokudo The general also free car?

Long drive to lovers you are lamenting that ETC1000 yen upper limit system of the holidays are over, I tell you about the news to be worried about a little.
Information that is written in this entry does not mean that you have decided to officially and does not know what the results may or may become.
However, it is information that can not leave someone alone to drive Favorite.

Wow, I’ve caught the information that is free open to the public highway vehicles in the Tohoku region that has been discussed.
For example, according to the Chunichi Shimbun of 20 June
“The Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport is considering also be expanded to all models since August, to continue for a year over a period of about 120 billion yen.”
Thing with.
Focus of the future in part what that you can secure a budget of 120 billion yen, opaque or may not be currently implemented.Likely to be rice cake I wrote a picture to say clearly is also in no non-servants in without the.
But the Akatsuki, which was conducted, to eat what you go to the Tohoku region tourists is sluggish, delicious to enter the hot spring, I’ll go to activate the economy of local.
(Kudo Takahiro)
[If you can not see the image]

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