Golf, karaoke, theater is “20,000 yen upper limit” doctor entertaining ban pharmaceutical company

Ethical pharmaceutical manufacturing and sales Fair Trade Council to be configured with 225 pharmaceutical companies is (drug Real Estate Fair Trade Council), the self-regulation related to entertainment to physician medical representatives of pharmaceutical companies by (MR) I will strengthen from April 2012.

Review of self-regulation involved in the entertainment since 2002.I’ve been “excessive ornate entertainment is not desirable” and even up to now, but the excess entertainment was not quite Toma.From April, ¥ 20,000 the maximum amount of entertainment.Banned also capitalize on watching sports or karaoke golf, and theater, the second meeting that has been recognized so far.

Many physicians are invited and presentation of their products pharmaceutical companies that require consumers to open glance, the lectures and study group, such as a study drug.Pharmaceutical companies to bear the accommodation costs and travel expenses of doctors, of course, buffet party is opened for benefits meeting is finished.And sumptuous meal using ingredients to convince gourmet, sake of sake and wine is available in the hotel banquet hall.

It is known to have an entertainment budget of many, it becomes second meeting of then, also the third-order meeting, MR of pharmaceutical companies, serve entertainment role and bars exclusive club.You might also enjoy karaoke, and there will also be another day of golf entertainment.

A health care professional, I guess is from the days of the bubble still “.This relationship was finished the.To talk with, “I will be eager I’ll be to the performance of their own if Moraere using the medicine MR even entertain.

Tendency to check strictly with physicians and pharmaceutical companies to “adhesion” is adapted to the international trend.There is a movement against pharmaceutical companies, promoting information disclosure about funding such as hospitals and universities in the United States.”Excessive entertainment” also, if accustomed to the doctor to buy drugs on a priority basis from pharmaceutical companies in part by it, and as a result “could be also that the patient is disadvantaged” (Pharmaceuticals Real Estate Fair Trade Council) This is because there is a concern with.

In addition, “drugs are the foundation for public health care system Pharmaceuticals Real Estate Fair Trade Council.It is explained that because will result in consumers glance, people glance is required more and more in the future, things like unexplained to the public and “has a clear position to stop.

Study drug Real Estate Fair Trade Council publication of content and company were divided into categories of six “entertainment” in the review of this malicious violation.

Buffet party after the lecture related to their products (1) pharmaceutical companies

Wining and dining session to benefit lectures and panelists, and facilitators in the study group and (2) lecture

Eating, drinking, such as advisory meetings and conferences, such as caretaker (3) Lecture

Benefits of instructors in-house workshop (4) pharmaceutical company

Up to a maximum of 5000 yen, eating and drinking with the meeting and (5) business talk 3000 refreshments and lunch such as (6) Product briefings, and also admitted to a maximum of 20,000 yen per person for these I admit to a maximum of circle.

On the other hand, karaoke and a second meeting, and golf is prohibited.Say, “thinking that basically, entertainment and entertainment such that the digger is not suitable”.

In addition, or repeat violations, etc. to examine and publication of content and company, the disposal of such expulsion or penalty in the case of malicious violation, was severely amended.By the end of August, and stuffed with details such as the case of excess entertainment that can be assumed, and submitted to the Fair Trade Commission and the Consumer Agency.

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