Japanese macaques that soak in a hot spring, zero in on the secret archipelago of miracle of “Japan”

This earth, animals who are at risk of extinction, there is a place that is concentrated.Have gathered 75 percent really rare mammals in areas where it is not less than 3 percent of the land surface area, endangered, birds, amphibians, designation of the area “hot spots”.


It reflects the current state of the hot spots of the world, “paradise of hot spot last” NHK Special, has received high praise.Program, marks the final episode in the 6th to be broadcast at 9:00 pm June 26.The stage’s “Japan”.

Japanese macaques that soak in hot springs snow, wildcat …… to catch fish in the forest of subtropical.These, it is a sight familiar to Japanese, but if you look at the world, it is nothing more than the sight of surprise.Japan in rainy areas in the world, a variety of forest to subarctic and subtropical spreads out, one’s a unique creature inhabited a number of “hot spots”.

One of the factors that gave rise to their unique environment, that it is the presence of a “warm” surrounding the archipelago.North to the Pacific Ocean side of the Japanese archipelago, warm current, Kuroshio, the world’s largest.In addition, creating a dramatic natural phenomena in the Japanese archipelago, Tsushima Current northward to the Sea of ​​Japan as its tributaries, has nurtured a special creatures.

You serve as the Navigator, Fukuyama Masaharu singer and actor.The Tour of Iriomote Island subtropical near 20 degrees temperature for (Okinawa) Kamikouchi (Nagano), even in the winter of severe winter himself, he is also 25 degrees below zero, Iriomote wild cat that is said or strange behavior of monkeys, with the number 100 animals inhabiting I explore such as the presence threatening.Video of surprise in Japan premiere also that are available.

Before you travel the world, to reexamine the miracle of feet “Japan”, it’s going to be a good opportunity.

From 9:00 Sunday afternoon June 26, “island-of the Japanese miracle – our” 6th of “paradise of hot spot last” is broadcast on NHK General TV.

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