For English proficiency that the world seek

The study in the age of 20, you have to travel to various countries since then, but I think recent strong here “that can speak English is natural,” said that.It does not follow that it is a special longer separately.If you speak English, if ten years ago, or learned English in “Where?It was asked and, “but gone are those who ask such a thing now.

Of course, there is English of each country, some people speak English a strong accent, and very interesting if there is a unique feature of their.

Than those who regarded as one language English, people who use a simplistic as instrument in the communication has increased overwhelmingly.It may be grave situation if you scratch the surface from English scholar, and wealth linguistic English has is not transmitted It is a pity, but, as it is to be English in the world already, as a “means to take a community application and foreigners” is positioned.

So, if you hear “Japanese accent”, “Singapore accent” and “Scottish accent” so and so, too late “?I think “.

Honestly, no one has to worry about such a thing.Rather, it’s obvious English Nantes have blunted.English’s was something of American and British people to become a thing of the past, English became the common property of the world.

It is the “English skills that can establish a community application”, English now being sought is not a perfect English.No one has asked for such a thing, and in the place that was able to speak perfect English though, is not to the other party if it can not I only boring story.

The more than now, that can speak English has become the norm, “Brass more alpha” is necessary in order to be the person from the foreign, personal qualities, experience, it is or was the knowledge.Language skills if you’re poor, you can wear a overwhelming knowledge in one field that is second to none, it becomes a kind of geek The point is a must.(Myself because it was movie geek By the way, nowadays you do not speak English studying freshly, and remember to write or pronounce closely, only proper names of your favorite film director was connected somehow the conversation)

The top element to establish a “community application is something?When it asked the “it’s that or pulled into the arena of how their opponents.Can not be enacted conversation partner is not interested in their own.It’s a matter of course, but it seems like people who are too specialized to only learn English, do not understand fundamentally that this is like a lot in the case of Japanese.

People who hold on opponent many very fact in terrible English, and do not care about mistakes in English about Japanese foreign think.Rather, I believe alien that’s commonplace in the wrong English.

Speaking without fear of misleading, “English Nantes should I Tsujire” be than, in order to lead to the final outcome, “the quality of the individual” is asked than language skills.The only thing that, I should have ordered the liver in the future.