The pitfalls of “rapid drop in body temperature” to fans of selling fool in a power saving

This summer you will be forced to power saving, a fan big boom.”But fans also took the body temperature more than necessary depending on how, you may be ill,” said Zhong Mamiko director of Integrated Health Clinic Eek Marunouchi for women to speak.

In the case of wind speed zero, sensible temperature’s 29.4 degrees at 28 degrees room temperature, but if the air directly hits, and 26.1 degrees just by one meter wind speed, sensible temperature is also about three times, according to the data of Panasonic Ecology Systems will be different.Relations director says.

Pay particular attention to sleep, especially when “.I myself, Have you ever gone to bed until the morning while multiplying the fan, but the throat had him when I got up.During sleep, the human body temperature will drop.Body temperature would have dropped more than necessary wind of a fan If I win in that state.Immunity lowering body temperature drops sufficiently below the limit, then you’ve come to the throat in my case.Also heat the surface of the skin due to a loss of direct air strikes, pores of the skin surface will end up shrinking, heat dissipation does not work ”

So, I asked them to teaching how to use the fan in the bedroom Mitsuhashi Miho sleep therapist.

“Wind against a wall or ceiling is rebounding, state air flow gently throughout the room is ideal”

And as far as possible the fan out of bed, and upward in the neck swing in the weakest, and trying to use.

※ 14 days issue July 2011 Seven Women

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