Japan economy in the second half of 2011

This is the beginning of the second half in 2011 from today if you noticed.The first half of the year gone by, it was a long six months downright.two incidents that no one expects, “and” Arab Spring “in the Middle East, in the Far East” and 3/11 Earthquake “” will be written in bold in the history chronology of posterity probably.Is referred to as a surprise, it is referred to as the influence of the global economy, meaning that the two cases have heavy indeed, especially in the energy problem, it might be a major turning point in 2011.

The Japanese economy after the earthquake directly, there was a sense of be in the air most.When it is time still thus marks the second half of the year, we have seen that it is recovering faster than expected.Law “time heals all” and “no sell natural disaster” is seems to be shown, if you read obediently the data of the feet, you will not safe to be referred to as a “V-shaped recovery” and new experience long extinct a.
However the second half is hard to say at peace.There is concern in overseas economies, and domestic politics than anything else is shameless.Towards the second half of the year, I tried to summarize the current state of the Japanese economy.

● the moment you feel the “V-shaped recovery”

Hiroshima (6/2, Electric), Kyoto (6/9, regional banks), Utsunomiya (6/10, auto parts), Okinawa (6/16, Newsletter), Osaka (6/22, author of this month, housing I had a chance of a business trip to the city six convenience maker), Yokohama (6/28, and Yokohama Trade Association).In a lecture in everywhere, and he has exchanged views on the economy, but business confidence in western Japan is not bad in general, there is a difference of quite a pessimistic mood in the Tokyo metropolitan area.
Sometimes you are away from Fukushima, power saving is also not so desperate, eat management also did not reduce the “earthquake special procurement”.

The General Assembly of the steel supplier in the automotive parts company of Utsunomiya also interesting.Because there is a problem of hollowing yen and, I do not mean that optimistic the future, but had dominated the venue was a sense of tension “busy season in earnest begins now” and.On the other hand, how the carrier or supplier, are hammering out a “How it will work with the shift of Thursday, Friday, and holiday” in, there was a thing to feel the “force field of Japanese companies”.

cases of “power-saving” is to stimulate demand more than a few.In spite of the special demand after the “eco-point system” and “DTB” of last year, foot traffic of consumer electronics retailer is a strong.Refrigerator and air conditioning selling well, I heard a voice “fan might sell is so No way” and the electronics company of Kansai.In fact, even in humble abode, to buy a new refrigerator and two air-conditioned, and replace it in the part of the LED lighting, it is in the place where I bought two electric fans.If there is no earthquake, I would have probably not buy.

What supply chain problem is what has been.Naka factory of Renesas company attracted attention as a manufacturer of “micro-controller” is partially resumed production from June 1.Temporary, it’s what I was told “beyond half a year now, the car may not make,” but, in conjunction with alternate production of other plants and domestic outsource production to semiconductor manufacturers overseas, and disaster before the end of September expected to exceed the supply capacity of.The shareholders at a meeting was held on June 28, the company Akao president answer questions of shareholders, that there is a movement of replacement of “third-party products is true that, in the recovery speed faster than expected, it has been superseded one that was poking confidence minute and was “less.
Place when it is talking to people of a certain electronics company, I also tried to asked? “Do not you think that you buy from abroad”, “micro-controller so customize thoroughly, and it takes immediately about a year it just.Answer the person who was waiting for restoration if it’s the case with the “good is back.The trusted much also amazing, but it is a big deal and because he would really makeshift.With this rate, the word itself called “supply chain problem” is, perhaps would have been forgotten and early.

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