“Skipping” problem LGFV Bank of China world develop into one big problem

The other day, I announced SWF of Singapore (sovereign wealth funds), Temasek has disposed of the stock (Bank of China, China Construction Bank) of two lines of the big four banks in China.

It is a $ 3.6 billion equivalent in dollars and cents.

The news was greeted with a surprise and Cho~tsu to institutional investors in Europe.

Because is because it was the understanding of the world Temasek’s that it would Yuku going out with major banks in China for a long period of time as a so-called strategic investor.

Reason for the disposal of the bank stock China “rat as escape from a sinking ship like” the Temasek pants on fire is a concern for LGFV.

I refers to a special purpose company is composition at the time of real estate development in China stands for Local Government Financing Vehicle a (SIV) and LGFV.
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