Cunning America

Stock market in the United States saw a decline nearly 7 percent to 24 June peak in the May 2.The blame of Greece that reason, the debt ceiling issue in the United States, the housing problem, market participants were in employment issues.I think Well, none correct, but it was there and could market that, or not than arrives at “end” by QE2 ends at the end of June is a fact the biggest concern.

Moreover, concerns that do not cause the buyer absence of so-called American government bonds were also upsurge Bernanke because I was short-term negative for QE3.

But, contrary to market it, it becomes rapid rebound from June 24, and became a rising nearly 6.6% in the 10th too much.I do not think much commentary showed a good reason for this.

There are two reasons to be worried about me.

First, four-step downgrade of Portugal government bonds Moody’s.Why do I also lowered 4 stage at this time?There is a reason why you could do for the Americas.Mood was hot has come out in the euro zone by life-prolonging measures Greece has been completed in the meantime it.What if it is assumed, slapped there?I will allow you to create the scenario weak euro, the dollar now.

Tax cuts of repatriation to second.Companies earn abroad as you know there are many America, the appropriate tax will be applied when you repatriate the earnings.What it is that the tax cuts it will be?It is to be able to connect to the defense of the dollar buying dollars advances by (Repatriation) advances Repatori is the repatriation of dollar funds.

These two measures will be more powerful by being linked to each other.Better exchange of home country is strong is advantageous to proceed with the Repatori.Therefore, I proceed in food and strong relative to other currencies the dollar, that tax cuts repatriation.

Composition funds that have been returned to the home country that, easy to enter to buy such shares from head to investment in the United States is completed here.

Maybe, description of high stock of America that should not to be originally Given large investors in the United States and, in anticipation that the stock of the United States goes up on you infer in advance this scenario I get.

There was the Fed and impatience but not carried out QE3, not be allowed to float the economy of the United States I must issue a thing worth the QE3 It is obvious.And there is the direction that market participants had hoped some measures is either not coming out from that there was a comment that does not completely deny the QE3 from some members of the Fed.

I have thought this might be one answer.But, I do have to say it’s a pretty cunning means if so.It may be said that there is also a sense of stalemate equivalent to put it the other way around.Because the U.S. Congress they’ve twisted like Japan, the bill does not pass only 1/3 of normal, and it is a situation where those important yet does not pass.

If I do have to say that it pretty tough given the status of “piece of hand” and is why continue for the time being the situation that must not be not drive the market with only monetary policy by the central bank.Gold price has risen significantly in New York the last few days.Will it not be said an important quiz to people who are facing what this means any of this means this is a market?

I feel like watching an interesting drama As you read in the policy is to market it would only do I?