Further development of Calpis, and “eat” in the cut

Lactic acid bacteria beverage of Japan’s first “Calpis”.This beverage with a history of more than 90 years from birth, in fact, even to other than “drink”, there is a better taste various.

Is a lactic acid bacteria beverage of Japan’s first “Calpis”.Even today you passed over 90 years since its release, and collaboration with a variety of liquor and taste of seasonal abundance of variation of the taste as you know.And this Calpis, other than to drink, I is spreading as “Calpis eating” now.

In June the “Calpis steamed bread”, in July is “Funwarishokupan Calpis”, was released as a limited edition summer in succession from Yamazaki Baking bread maker.”Refreshing taste” is the concept, the former Features sweetness that I did slightly with moderate acidity.While the latter, bread and kneaded the dough Calpis.The texture was moist and soft, and has finished in the gem of the summery taste of Calpis matches.Both open price.

In other than bread, products pre-existing I also some.A byproduct which is born in the process to make Calpis, was a raw material fat content to be born during the separation of milk fat from milk (cream minutes) “Tokusen butter (Salted 450g · 1418 円 other),” said.As soon be released for commercial use in 1963, first-class chefs rave mecca.Then, general release is also initiated, it has become a long-selling products that can not help attracting many gourmet.

In addition, a “prized possession recipes Calpis employees (809 yen) / Ikeda bookstore” is also a recipe book started to recruit people of employees to sell, how to take advantage of unique Calpis, are summarized in one book.From the simplest that can be reproduced immediately at home, content is made up, such as the introduction of popular menu in the canteen, drink, cooking, three categories of desserts, recipes 69.It is likely to come in handy as best practices to expand the repertoire of cuisine.

It transcends generations and age, Calpis continue to be loved by people around the world and in Japan.Now what kind of expansion or jumping out the next, I’d expect a lot.

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· I exceeded 10 million yen “beer company well-paid” at the age of 40, ¥ 12 million in 50 years

Hideyuki Kato, Yuhei Hanshin [Author]

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