Toward the worse, China and Europe related to composition-SP paper of conflict not save even panda diplomacy

July 4, 2011, Singapore English newspaper The Straits Times published an article entitled “panda diplomacy not fill the crack of China and Europe” and.Ring-and-ball time signal is transmitted on 8 date.

The other day, and the European tour, Premier Wen Jiabao of China summarizes the trade agreement of huge.Issues related to human rights has not been resolved, but said that the benefit realistic even got to occupy a greater specific gravity.

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However, the roots of trust crisis in that shadow has just become rather large.China is said to be expressed support during the Greek debt crisis, Europe versus direct investment in China is only one quarter of the U.S. $ 6 billion (about 483.6 billion yen) in 2010.

I would also like to sell German exports to the Chinese market is active, the insurance and financial skills of interests within Europe and the UK it is obstructed by the regulations apart.It can be said that rather than opportunity to share in profits of China, China also has continued to expand the North-South gap in the European countries of southern Europe.

One expert predicts China and Europe related to the towards the future tense in the long run.The story even panda diplomacy of China good, that it might be not be stopped this flow, we introduced a certain episode.

When I announced the Chinese government to lend two horses panda in the UK, famous reporter Simon Mr. Haggart of London wrote:.”That panda unpleasant came again.Guys …… do not be crossed, and it is not trying to do anything.To be “, I just have to always soar.(Translation and editing / KT)

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