Hoax video spread “Self-Defense Forces unit is fired on China military aircraft” to the net – China

July 7, 2011, who ONishiki思 writer (Wang Zinsou), who, whether produced videos “” Japanese fighters of fire “in Chinese fighter entry in the blog?I posted a “.The following abridged translation.

Video titled “Japan F-2 fighters opened fire on the Chinese fighter in the East Sea (East China Sea) sky” has become a hot topic on the net in China.F-2 fighter of the Self-Defense Forces who scramble is close to the Y-8MPA reconnaissance aircraft of China.To warn to be removed from the airspace you do not follow, it’s stating that fired the signal flare.

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This video became a hot topic, it became commotion enough to be featured in web news.In contrast, China Ministry of National Defense have commented with obvious hoax.Indeed, F-2 fighter to flying in the blue sky, the background of the Y-8MPA’s cloudy sky.

Mr. Wang criticism shall be let alone to aid in national security, to pull out the excess reaction to mislead opponents hoax.Sued the need for corresponding rational as opposed to incitement.All you need without having to upset, and advocates to advance to strengthen military and defense business, and would be protect the territory.(Translation and editing / KT)

● ONishiki思 (One Zinsou)
Journalist from Jilin, Beijing resident.Majoring in Media Studies at Peking University.I have a research agenda the anti-Japanese war history and historical issues during the day.”Japan Line, and China Saragyo” and to book.

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