What happened?German soldiers picked up a 100 million yen on the street, it was delivered to the police at a later two nights

There are many cases even loss or theft of cash, but the incident track of dropping a safe on the highway of Germany occurred.

Cash of one million euros (about 115 million yen) or more are entered in, and I was delivered to the police German soldier picked it up, but there was a big problem only one.

You say it as well, I was from I round two days from picking up this German soldier’s has notified.It looks like have not yet determined whether or not to prosecute in the local police.

Near the exit of the highway near the town of Bad Kissingen, sightings door at the back of the truck to open while the vehicle is moving, safe was carrying is fell has been obtained where.

From witness another, testimony and saw’re crowded pile up something to Mari cars military vehicles stop is obtained, this soldier even if there is no notification if, investigation proceeds in the direction of there further has been Itatomi.

Because it is not clear what took the 2nd currently, why this soldier picked up before the report, further investigation has continued.

I do not know the circumstances of the fact, but if you imagine it is likely to pick up 100 million yen suddenly, and went to deliver to the police some more of the things they suffer from conflict about two nights, I feel a little sorry that I do not have not.

They might expect to be charged with that spent two nights and one million euros picked up really, whereabouts in the future will be focused.

German soldier finds 1m euros that fell off the back of a lorry

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