Rescue = Ayama City coal mine accident miracle of 188 hours from the accident, two people, 8 people dead – Guangxi Laibin

Morning July 10, 2011, in Ayama Susu-gyo Ltd. eighth mine of Guangxi Laibin Ayama City, two workers were trapped in the mine were rescued.188 hours from the accident, became the miraculous rescue of the day 8.China newspaper network reported.

The 2nd, ground collapse accident occurred in Ayama Susu-gyo Ltd. eighth coal mine.22 workers were trapped in the mine.I found the cause is ground’s loose in the rain continued from a few days ago.Rescue work had been stalled water is accumulated in the underground.Eight deaths have been identified to date.By two people were rescued, who remain unknown became 12 people.

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Rescue 188 hours of past accidents from extremely rare situation.Chinese media have reported the “miracle”.2 who were rescued treated is sent to the hospital immediately.(Translation and editing / KT)

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