Or “China, or North Korea, or the Middle East?Unauthorized access to the “domestic IP phone are increasing rapidly

Unauthorized access damage to the IP telephone exchange using the Internet has been expanding rapidly.

About 130,000 at the end of the year in July last year, the number of detected in the observation system of the Metropolitan Police Department, observed a number nearly 40,000 already up to March this year.Demand for international telephone bill that you do not recognize in the body and reach, damage that is rapidly increasing all over the country.

When asked to talk to NTT East that they received reports of some damage, “invade by way of the Internet from abroad, mainly reads the password, would have been using the call without permission” and.

“From China” most accesses says (MPD), but “there is a possibility that are only used for the waypoint, it is not possible to conclude from the work of the Chinese people” and according to the experts.

It’s begun to investigation “public security authorities frantically now, systematic hacking by North Korea.It has been found that from the testimony of defectors, and is focusing on improving the electronic forces that military officials have used a computer.Training to collect the specialized agencies of the military, and students of North Korea automation University is the best educational institutions.I that there are hackers force of more than 30,000 people “(expert)

In fact, from the last year, hacking damage to government agencies such as the Department of Defense frequently in Korea and the United States.There was also a situation where network system of agricultural organizations of the Korean stops in April this year.International Monetary Fund (IMF) has a report of cyber damage in June.

“There is a possibility that there is also talk of north successor, Kim Jong-un said that he became responsible for the cyber unit, has a track record of making electronic warfare,” said

On the other hand, cyber attacks of religious terrorist organization based in the Middle East activation.Possibility of communication by illegal access is being used in communication between organizations that come and go around the world has also been pointed out.

“The other day, executives of organizations claiming to be meditation group has been arrested on suspicion of unauthorized access in Indonesia.This person I was completely unrelated to terrorism crime, but repeated unauthorized access to IP phone to make the call widely in the spread of religion, I had sprinkle rose broadly the access destination password has further been found that.It is said that one of the outflow destination was a terrorist organization in the Middle East, “said

There is more than one branch in Japan this meditation group, missionary work cyber basis have been talked about in such as Internet forums, but the relevance of the unauthorized access of domestic damage has not been found so far.

Or religious groups or, or the Middle East or North Korea.Cyber ​​damage continues to increase without knowing the culprit yet, seems to become a social problem vexing.
(Statement = Suzuki Masahisa)

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