Pesticide-free farm of Japanese companies, the deficit after five years of laughter species of local farmers – Shandong Laiyang City

July 12, 2011, pesticide-free farm of about 100 hectares Japanese companies to expand in Shandong Laiyang City.To create a safe agricultural products, and aims to expand market share in the high-end market in China, but from the fact that this five-year period, profit is not out at all, has become a kind of laughter of local farmers.Shin Kyoto report was told.

this farm Japanese companies operate in the city bathing town store was rented at 20-year contract from the town government and the city government.Business license is was down to 2006.Cultivation breeding of dairy cattle, corn, wheat, and strawberries are being carried out.Expand recycling agriculture in perfect pesticide-free.However, production volume per (one hectare of 15 minutes) 1 mu’s only half of local farmers.Therefore, even voice that Japanese companies fear the purpose of borrowed land in the local.Voice “or the mining of resources,” “to make a food base in China” occupation act “” and is up.

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Milk and strawberries are sold wholesale to large supermarkets, such as Shanghai and Qingdao.The price is higher than the market price, respectively, over the last five years, balance of payments deficit is much.Local farmers that they are the seed of laughter “What I wonder is doing with the help of land all the way” and in this situation.(Translation and editing / NN)

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