The breast implants in Japan, breast reduction operation doctors and mainstream abroad

It is said that compared to the old days, a figure of Japanese also have come close to Western, but still rich valley and still bust’s eternal longing of Japanese women.However, the situation that’s a little different when it comes to overseas.Yoshinori Nagumo total director of Nagumokurinikku Bust professional speak this.

Ancestor of the Japanese race who lived in cold regions of Siberia “Originally.In fact, the unevenness of the body shape is all I little animals that live in cold climates.For racial chest is small, Japanese people often do breast implants to compensate for the complex, even compared to the world.However, on the other hand, from the case with the physical pain and stiff shoulders large breasts, breast reduction operation as compared to Japan is mostly in Europe and the United States ”

Silicon, fat graft, main breast augmentation surgery performed in Japan is a hyaluronic acid injection, but the people to choose the natural hyaluronic acid injection burden is even less often that the 40’s or more.

Fat graft or “silicon will have permanently, but hyaluronic acid would go back if five to 10 years.However, since it is smaller naturally as we age bust with the tension is natural also, make, I’m popular to people who want to get a bust rich temporarily “(Nagumo total director)

Surgery of any that it is around ¥ 700,000.

※ 21 days issue July 2011 Seven Women

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