“You can see in the skirts of women”, announced “instant” spot brass school party – Honkon-shi

July 11, 2011, according to the Hong Kong paper, Ming Pao, party brass school “Minkenren” has published a survey of Hong Kong each plot of “instant spot”.Check the place that would see the inside of the skirt of the woman on the stairs or escalator, the party has been the activities that seek to improve.China newspaper network reported 12 date.

And mixed in a large shopping center, Hong Kong University of prestigious was also put on the list.Ming Wah building complex and diversions Shotsuki the clear center of the same size as that, make partition of stairs and escalators in the transparent glass of the one side, a medium that becomes completely exposed to view from the bottom of the skirt woman is not careful.If from a man on the other, it has become a great spot of being able to enjoy the “wonderful view” easily if Nozoke a little from the bottom.In response to the results of this time, a spokesman for the university has said, “to improve and advance the investigation, too as long as terrible”.

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Minkenren only one place just where it was improved was pointed out in the study of “last year” an instant spot “.You are as well call for improvement in the future, and “I ask that you pay attention to the women of” instant “When designing the department stores.(Translation and editing / NN)

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