Chinese businessmen do not want to go back to their home countries after the appointed increase – India

July 10, 2011, India paper Economic Times, reported in the Chinese senior layer was appointed to India from China, people who do not want to return home life in India is like is increasing.Ring-and-ball time signal is transmitted in the 13 date.

For Chinese people, anxiety is greater than expected appointed to India.Some, such as prejudice and history of India and China so far has been hostile cause.However, after you have actually appointed, case to unite with India and strategies of the company and their own lives, will blend into the society while achieving cooperation is large.

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There is no worry to be able to step into to the “mine area” by mistake “is Chinese managers with a life experience of several years in India.Talk to the contrary, many Chinese in the course of development of the company, added, “plays an important role in local.

Chinese businessmen liked music and dancing, dining, movies in India, live in Mumbai and Delhi as well there are many, that are up to the person who put the name in India is in.According to the data of the Chinese Embassy in India, visa was issued to senior audience of Chinese companies to 04-10 are up to 60,000.

Attitude towards life of the people of “India is a great senior management with a leading comprehensive manufacturer, Zhongxing communication 訊 of communication equipment.It, “said have enjoyed life than Chinese, and are impressed traditional culture of” India and “are well conserved than China further.(Translation and editing / HA)

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