Chinese state TV Quality …… death photos Sora Aoi different person, lover photo?

Law-based China Central Television program was broadcast the other day of (CCTV), I emerged suspicions and “Do not Sora Aoi” for an image appeared in the topic of love trouble.CCTV has caused the mistake to be pointed out to the person with the image of another person to death coverage of enterprise IT executives, program production quality of the state television is likely to be a problem.China newspaper network reported.

Was broadcast on channel CCTV12 to the 11th in the “heaven’s vengeance”, the image of the woman men caught in love trouble was dating was previously displayed in the blur with.Suspicion and with it “I thought, is not it? Moment Sora Aoi saw” occurs on the net for this.It is defined as “very similar very” image of Aoi that Internet users showed the blurred image of the program within the article, it was told that it was only answer was contact the program stakeholders but with the “do not know”.

The same news channel in the “24 small-time” within, and me for a photo of someone else when you tell that GoTadashi COO IT companies “hundred view communication” died two days on the 13th, “I’m alive” and from the person Miss subject to pointed out is discovered.It was converted as the image used Internet media incorrectly revealed.The agency that it has already apologized to the person.(Editors: Yanagawa Toshiyuki)

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