Japan’s Shinkansen is zero accident death = 47 years great, accuracy in seconds – China paper

July 15, 2011, the weekly newspaper and international pioneer Shirube-ho of Chinese state Xinhua News Agency system, 47 years from the opening of business, death has not occurred even 1 Shinkansen “Japanese.I have an article to introduce the splendor and accurate “in seconds also train arrival time.

Article, I have introduced “Shinkansen of Japan will not be repeated twice and the same mistakes” and.Great East Japan Earthquake of March 11.No one is bullet train that derailed big earthquake like that even happened, “safety myth” did not collapse.It is began multiplied by the emergency brake to 9 seconds before the earthquake come.It is thanks to Urgent Earthquake Detection and Alarm System JR East had been installed in nine locations along the line of the Shinkansen and Pacific Ocean coast has been activated.

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This form of lessons learned and experience gained in the Niigata Prefecture Chuetsu Earthquake of 2004 was alive.A total of eight cars of the Joetsu Shinkansen at that time, was running was derailed.Fortunately the dead or injured were not out, but the railway authorities of Japan performs the cause investigation thorough, and deeply regrets.”This is, of railway of Japan that does not occur with twice accident similar accident If you encounter’s” safety culture “,” raved the article.

On the other hand, Kyoto 滬高-speed railway connecting the called Beijing and Shanghai as “China version Shinkansen” has only just opened on June 30 in China, but the blunder the first time that failure three times in four days from the 10th of this month is showing.In contrast, China Ministry of Railways is “often trouble is happening also the Japanese Shinkansen,” you just asked for understanding the public.(Translation and editing / NN)

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