Just good annual income

I think it ‘s How much I just right “annual income?Is a strange question Nantes “.
Part liked strangely I “just right”, I had to answer seriously softening.

10 million more than ¥ 1. Annual income is not good

Reason is the following two
• From around it exceeded 7 million yen, feeling the risk that the body or broken heart of the person increases
Annual income that everyone will envy, unstable impression performance of the company itself
All in all, not the best in terms What sustainability, the annual income.
Annual income is increased, the return on the basis of the life that was once in luxury, it is difficult to,
Then, if you go down the Gakun it earns at a stretch, I’m loss to be higher or the tax basis.

To hourly rate conversion, including up to 2. Commuting time

In the past, annual income is often one million yen or more than me, is classmate working for renowned companies,
Because fun Nantes “live a gracious life people” things I have tried it.
A total restraint time including lunch break as well as commuting and time, if you try to hourly rate conversion,
My way is higher than his, basis of elegance wonder if here?There is the thing.

In comparison with the average annual income of the world, and to Dari Dari sad willing to, but I,
What hours depending on whether you get it, sense of well-being is not that do change.
Age average annual income

After all, the discovery of good just to reach without,
Do you work for “what is it this time??(And later also the story) you’ve changed the question a “basis
But I, (laughs) … but he is not really nothing evangelist of money