Elementary school students in Japan are you wearing a yellow hat why [China] BBS?

Yellow hat elementary school students in Japan are wearing seems seems strange From a Chinese.Why elementary school “Japanese are you wearing a yellow hat on the bulletin board of a major Chinese Baidu search site?Threat that “was erected.What Chinese people wonder what you think.Will be introduced on the Japanese translation of Chinese BBS below.The rustic impressions by editing unit in ().


● 59.42.110. * Or wonder if the kindergarten students.I wonder if wears Why.Strange feeling.


● I think that I walk slowly as Love yellow signal of Maki. (Although I think No, it is different)

● yellow of this floating big white rabbit sugar signal will only call attention to Japanese.

● empty think yellow stand out from.I was also wearing a yellow hat at the time of the elementary school.

● I remembered the ice … green tea … Chibi Maruko-chan. (It is a trade mark)

● faction chimpanzee Oh yeah, I was wearing at the time of the elementary school.I found a fellow at last! I’m the person to be surprised when you talk about this.Everyone wonder if different?Can you decorate at home in Memorial and I bought this time. (Will it things about decorating the memorial)

● It’s a GT Michinanji likely?I high school level! First person in line only had a label in my school.Road because was divided in the place that was out of school.

● more red than stand out if it is for you to stand out _Arianne_?

● have heard the mountain breeze Mizu儿 PIE before, but I was the umbrella of yellow such as I turned into a yellow hat in the old days. (Elementary school I often use yellow umbrella)

● people born TsuyaKiyoshi 1980s did not you guys wearing?

● it had been fogged in elementary school my YomiGawe.It was deducted that it is not fogged.

● No have heard in Japanese I love microcosm Yuma.It seems he wants to call you have elementary school students here It’s seems Tteyuu hard hat in Japan, yellow stand out because, I, please note.And it becomes to be in protecting the head when it was something that wear a hat.Essentials in elementary schools in Japan, it seems to get angry teacher If you do not fogged.

(Editors: Hatakeyama Sakae)

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