Quit and life revolving credit, either?

I exaggerated a little title, but that kind of thing.

Revolving credit, known as revolving credit.

It is the installments to pay a fixed amount every month, but it is not recommended at all.
There are many cards that function of revolving credit is attached to the credit card of recent.It is about there is also a card of revolving credit-only.
It is this revolving credit, but the monthly payments have been very low, burden of payment of the product is low since the.
Payment of the moon looks like the 5,000 yen even if there is a debt of ¥ 100,000.Perhaps because the burden with little sense in this way, seems to have quite some people who use the revolving credit.

However, it is possible to spend a fun life while the revolving credit Would not it be rather difficult.
Depending on the card, or the company, but the interest rate of revolving credit is 15 percent.It is 15% in the period one year time deposit of net bank interest rates are high even as less than 0.5%.

In addition, the amount paid monthly is small is that the payment of interest is large repayments of principal may be small.
Interest rates even though 15 percent, the actual payment will be paying interest rates as the amount of money far more than 15% of the principal.

As far as not a high income and wealthy families very much, money will be lost as soon as you are paying interest rates of only this.
First of all, people like to select a revolving credit is probably the most that you have to ribonucleic Because I do not pay all at once.Such a person is you are paying high interest rates, it is like to act in order to be pinched for money.I can say with suicide.
Or, that that’ll pay for the high salaries of people in the financial institutions with up there, or will it loves people of how much financial institutions.

Money is important for life.Revolving credit is one of the best tool to lose significant money in life.

Do you stop the revolving credit?Or do you stop your life?