Compared with [China] BBS Japan, those missing in idle in China?

Thread “Compared to the Idol of Japan, I wonder What would be missing from the Idol of China” and was erected on the bulletin board of a major Chinese Baidu search site.Chinese netizens wonder have what opinion.Will be introduced on the Japanese translation of Chinese BBS below.


● main thread: 1 JJ Sakurai Sho good small. Moral concept.To become arrogant (arrogant) Idol of China and become famous, but idle in Japan worthy of respect and friendly, such as a handshake meeting even if it becomes a popular person. 2. The new always.Are up to 40 years of age from late 20s high age idol China.Idol of Japan is young compared.Cycle is fast selection and most have been (selection) is idle over the age of 30. 3. Lacking the ability to make a good group and system quality is high idle of China Compared with Japan.On whether to be buried, or disadvantaged in the works for the, it’s become famous it is difficult.


● ‘s I do not have to be idle … comparison of Japan and the Idol of Conanyx China, one that’s very much of a muchness.No are the real “Idol” what in the United States.Market of China is not mature yet, market is too small Japan.Standards is the difference originally.It’s that compare how?

● As you say the old thread main dependent zero.Face of Idol in China it’s okay Hey hey, but the timing is bad now.Shame.

● I do not think Idol of FutoshiFutoshi China Akanishi Hitoshi as being inferior to Japan.I wonder if there is not you a good place to each.

● Idol Su pebble hitting head China only pretense.The habit they want to look cool, it’s not good-looking, and dull on top song also not good, and you do not have their own opinions.You do not play guitar as well as a bonus.

● In the entertainment world of old Sokusoku several China, it is to be more of a movie that top rank than TV.So Idol is aiming to debut movie, and the actors that came out in the movie do not want to on TV.Film Industry of Japan ‘s unlikely that even so.

● have no sense of propriety idol Chinese Nana a.

● You’re Toritoriasa arrogance.When it comes to a little-known, let it go to one’s head immediately.It’s a problem that there is no humor!

● blac3645gree Japanese women begin to sell in 15-20 years.But popular I come out finally Become a about 30-year-old Chinese woman.And the problem is because not retire on top such women are often.

● there is a problem with the small Qing Qing Psycho __ law.Penalty’m too low.So I do not think that it Growing Idol who also invested a lot of money.Because I would or are changing jobs You can be independent even with the famous long-awaited.

● No are a lot of good-looking in 翊心 Geii China.But in no eyes to discover talent in the domestic industry.

(Editors: Hatakeyama Sakae)

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