Blunder of the first time China high-speed rail, Japan and South Korea in addition to the “interesting story” of countries media – China paper

July 16, 2011, international information paper of the Chinese Communist Party paper, People’s Daily institution-based “ring and ball Times” has reported blunder the first time in a spate of high-speed rail in China is offering a “fun topic” in the countries media.Following its contents.

“China’s high-speed rail causes a problem again!” -.Criticism of domestic public opinion as well, even the foreign media is amusingly reported that abomination to a series of gaffes of Kyoto 滬高-speed railway connecting Beijing and Shanghai, which opened on the 30th last month.”Failure railway”, Japan Media also mocked as a “rip-off version of Shinkansen” Korea media.In comparison, attitude toll indifferently the fact is strong in Western media, it is reported, “China’s high-speed rail is subject to ridicule unprecedented, but it would go a power to change China certainly” and.

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High-speed rail “China is a major project that is multiplied by the prestige of the sequence referred to as countries and the U.S. space program Boston Globe.It is a view of the majority of Western media was the aim to show the technical capabilities and the first time the development of the economy, that’s “became a result of exposure to a lot of blame to reverse.On the other hand, it’s showing their “interest” in the failure of most Chinese high-speed rail, Japan and South Korea is a neighboring country.”Failure railway”, Dong-A Ilbo can Chosun Ilbo “successive failure – shame of China high-speed rail”, but sarcastically “should be the world’s highest level is thus parked in the rain and wind,” said national daily report.

However, it is in Japan media’s me give you a loud laughter than this.”Rip-off version of the Shinkansen failure as early as” patent applications at the level of failure three times in “the 4th?Patents many of the accident number?Reported that “.The tone “of course accident occurs and not a proprietary technology” and “the risk of life and limb when riding a China high-speed rail” is also accounted for net bulletin board.Major accident or happen “when the news column of the leading portal site further?Comments full of expectations “to have been written.(Translation and editing / NN)

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