North Korea or request for assistance to buy fake / pity the flood photo?

North Korea media reported all at once the damage caused by typhoon No. 5 on the 12th of this month.Since then, he has informed the news of flood-related on a daily basis, but the processing is applied to one photo that originate to the world recently is discovered.By involving the international community, it is controversial.

Has become a problem, it’s a photo of Pyongyang city Central News Agency has published.State in which residents walk is rolled up pants through the muddy water that overflowed to the knee has been photographed.However, part of the knee and last-minute water level he has become an unnatural Ballmer If you look closely.In addition, part of the boundary between the water and the tree is blurred, and also not to get dirty pants should be immersed in the muddy water or wet.

Notice that the AP to the proposal suspicion and “seems to have photo processing”, is to delete the image delivery to site about this photo.Also you are analyzing to be “plotting to buy sympathy by Korean Central News Agency is to deliver to the world a picture of North Korean citizens troubled with water damage, and seeking the support of other countries”.

Meanwhile, North Korea media reported that the flood news almost daily, but it does not reveal the scale of damage concrete.International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (IFRC) has announced “you are watching the situation, but it does not appear to be a serious situation enough to require the assistance of international organizations” and to this.

Photo forgery of this time also, … probably a last resort in North Korea suffering from food shortage.However, would not of had become damaging the trust of the international community more and more as a result.

Ref: NEWSIS (Korean) The Chosunnilbo (English)

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