Contradiction that land prices in the affected areas is increased in dismantling cost and free rare

For rubble disposal costs and dismantling costs floating, land prices in the areas affected by the Great East Japan Earthquake that land prices of the old factory site is elevated, has risen from before the earthquake in some.

Land prices in the affected areas of the Great East Japan Earthquake, has risen from before the earthquake in some.

area where land prices rises two can be broadly divided into.

One is the location of the scarcity value, such as a hill escaped disaster in the affected area.And expectations of new urban construction, immigration, relocation is the advance from lowland also pushed up the price.

In the House of Representatives May 24, upland buyout has been concern in the case Ofunato, Iwate Prefecture already.In fact, the land was about ¥ 100,000 pot before the earthquake, “there was a story that was traded at 130,000 yen basis” (Ofunato stakeholders).Local newspaper has reported that there is a land that has risen 20% in Ishinomaki City, Miyagi Prefecture.

Ofunato, which was pointed out the high ground to start buying up the information collection.Be greatly relieved at “certain transactions between individuals, but there is no large-scale speculative trading at the moment” and (vitality Promotion Section), but such as the call to contact the city information of unfair land transactions on the homepage of the city, I’m not nervous about the land prices.

One other is the site of the building collapsed.There were many abandoned factory and warehouse that has been left in the coastal areas of the Northeast from the previous.Cost of waste disposal and dismantling high several million yen from raw land price because I needed.However, the building collapsed in the earthquake, the country will be paid by rubble disposal costs.A real estate appraiser surprised “cases are the listings dismantling costs did not sell many years in the neck, was sold after the earthquake came out” and.

Of course, these transactions a special case of some.However, real estate appraisers in the appraisal of real estate prices after the earthquake, the principle is to deal with appraisal case is “appraised value of land.Are suffering with the exception of special case in the judgment, but the “no choice but to reflect on the official land price of high transaction price becomes generally.

(“Weekly Diamond” Editorial Suzuki Australia)

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