It’s not rip-off, as much as was inspired! Designer objection to movie poster plagiarism allegations – China

July 19, 2011, Tianfu early report was published “U.S. film critic criticism is” rampant rip-off “and the China Movie Posters” article.The following abridged translation.

Film critic Derek Erie in the United States was severely criticized “poster design of Chinese film has not reached the international standards” and once.In recent years, rip-off allegations are frequent poster of Chinese film certainly indeed.Posters of last year’s hit “Yuzuruko bullets flying” (let fly a bullet) has been criticized as was stealing ideas from the poster of the U.S. work and “Prison Break” and “Prestige”.

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Omoneumi it was responsible for the poster design of “let fly a bullet” (Ahai), who admitted that China is far behind compared with Hollywood.Recognition of the production company also expenses also not be compared.However the only negative was inspired for alleged theft of “let fly a bullet”.Was refuted even if you did not like, and be accepted as inspired if not excessive imitation.(Translation and editing / KT)

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