If you were director of “Nadeshiko Japan” Prime Minister Kan [Tanaka Hideyuki regime watch]

Not only in Japan, Sokyo of “Nadeshiko” is caused a great sensation all over the world.

The success of Pink, I also since not take its eyes off about this in ’10, was also watching in detail finals late-night.

America is ahead, Miyama players decide until the equalizer, I gave up the victory to the other early.It was a feeling rather than the “may be defeated” and “respectable final came up because”.In addition, it was also a strange frame of mind that would burden the girls expectations of reversal is strong.

When it comes to the second half of the season after being added points in the United States again in overtime, once again it is do not have to “unreasonable.And this has been the feeling that “well done.

So, I got the feeling that hard to believe when Sawa players scored game-tying goal in three minutes remaining decent.

And then, you did appear to have become be stunned America team of that world’s most powerful is pushed by the momentum of Pink.It was left without losing the place where PK war continued until as it is, the United States constitutes.

Even so, equalizer Sawa players would be if.I do not understand quite Check many times the video and photos, even listen to expert commentary.By following any path integral, the ball is what enters the goal.It must have been kicked in the back with the back, but in that last minute, such a miracle happen.Sawa players to say, I do not think only the work of God of football.

The pre-event, players had said, “if you can play an active part of the Pink is encouraging the people of the victims even a little”.

However, after winning the impression of had greatly changed considerably.

“Everyone of the victims because of luck, I was able to win because I got the courage”

The people of the victim, energy will also appear pleased much prefer the latter comment.

Many people, issued a comment in the history, but are two of the following cite what I particularly like.

First word of the pre-game GK beauty of America (Hope Solo player).

“Japanese players, are playing for what virtuous Large and something from the game”

And, after losing, she murmured that this.

Big thing, “something was pulling the girls.We lost a great team ”

This comment comes out even tears a irresistibly moving.

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