security and bad stench drifts in the town of summer 1955 that anti-nuclear faction bless

That for leaving the outrage such as socialism by the power usage restrictions Ordinance, that the government mandates the consumption reduction of 15% to companies, companies struggle to save power, power-saving person of the adverse effect is large is performed they’ve been.It’s to disagree with such a situation, it is Takuro Morinaga Mr. Dokkyo University Professor.

Affect not only the employee, to the consumer power saving measures of company.If the amount of regulation (power reduction regulation), quality of service is reduced, diversity of goods is lost, energy is going to be taken away from the economy.

In the former East Germany, was the only compact car called Trabant, which is derided cardboard body, but I go closer and closer to that world.

Under the influence of rolling blackouts immediately after the earthquake disaster and the plant, Yamazaki Baking is narrowed down considerably the production items, but it plans to nearly halve the item as it is.There is a lineup of more than 50 Packed lunches, but about eggs and tuna were only being sold one o’clock.

Products on the market, but not can not live even one by one, but that there is a choice between the amount of goods is wealth itself, it is a good place of capitalism.The destination end up the act of companies narrow down the products to save power, is a socialist economy.

If you ask and re-running the nuclear power plant of periodic inspection, meaningless power-saving efforts but no longer needed, helped a wonder to me why they do not run.Anyone who thinks it’s peace of mind because parked the Hamaokagenpatsu is often, it is necessary to continue to cool the spent fuel and fuel in a nuclear reactor, to be the same as the Fukushima Daiichi if loss of cooling power on a large tsunami be.The person who moved or not the resulting risk because I do not almost even parked.

People of the anti-nuclear faction say, “I should go back to the 1950s,” but the era of the past only looks beautiful, it did not say never retrospect calmly.There was no air conditioning, of course, and the refrigerator was a method to cool with ice.

Beefsteak in food imaginary, town dirty, it stinks rotten garbage in the summer, security was also not as good in any way.No not worth mentioning health care, life span of the Japanese was short.I do not think at all and want to go back to this era.

※ 3, August 2011 SAPIO