Shipping distribution separation of power will lead to the evolution of the electric power company

It would be the concept of management, but if Negae stable than the evolution of the company, regional monopoly of power company is an asset of the company excellent. Not required and it keeps track of the innovation, it is in the management of the only good if the pursuit of stability and efficiency.

However, a different viewpoint, also created the corruption and weakness of the corporate structure, monopoly system that can control the competition or no competition, inhibits the evolution of the company.

Compared to the size of the company size, appearance and behavior of people in public relations, I feel or are unreliable how fragile or management of TEPCO at Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant accident response this time. I feel itself fragility of local companies monopoly as had out.

You feel power liberalization, enterprise division, it is that there was a time when there was a sense of tension and sense of crisis also power company once.

Smart grid of you to understand and homes each company or if it is being used and how much power at that time, to adjust autonomously power supply and demand as well I think in can be achieved surprisingly quickly.

Unlike human resources and’re gathered headquarters of many companies, and also integrated as in the metropolitan area, in other regions, and I think power liberalization is important is the impact and the size of the presence of the power company There is no small power.