Month waiting 14 or in a rush of orders! And “high-quality pot” of the popular department store?

Or “in the food boom” under the influence of the “genuine”, “higher pot” is sold in department store.Of France, such as “Le Creuset” is established Speaking of high-quality pot, but of “pot enamel casting domestic” is attracting attention now to “vermicular”.It sold more than 500 in one half months, that you update the sales record of the pot in the department store.

Also Bought [image] new product “white”!

Small business local to develop, this “vermicular” is a precise “domestic cookware”.Has produced a component such as a ship in Aichi Prefecture’s deal is, “Aichi Dobby”.I make use of the processing technology, such as cast iron, it has been manufacturing the “enamel cast iron pot”, popular’s a soaring in good quality.

This enamel pot Te every single trouble time, a Japanese craftsman, was precision machining with a precision of micron unit, but that it is supported confidentiality of the body and the pot lid is high, dry cooking is the ability to.

Unit price’s ¥ 23,800 in the “oven pot 22cm round,” but, even in these high price range, waiting months or 14 current “quality is good and able to use it for a long time” and.Originally was the handling of only its own site, but where it began store sales Nihonbashi Mitsukoshi in (Tokyo, Chuo-ku) from February this year, sales of pot sales, in this shop 500 or more in a month and a half or one It’s so was also updated record.From May, the start of the handling in the Mitsukoshi Isetan newly opened Osaka Station (Osaka, Kita-ku) further.In same store “It is attention degree of about 50 pre-sale worth of sold out in an hour” and that (public relations company).

Currently under the influence of the Great East Japan Earthquake, sales of food service industry fell significantly, people said, “the opportunity to cook at home has increased,” and has been an increase in.In addition to good quality, and the fact that “in Shoku-ka” has become prominent, “high-quality pot” boom, seems to have raised more and more.[Tokyo Walker]

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