As a “sideline”, “Fuku-gyo” What ‘s the Difference? I think the new way of life of salaried workers

Do you know the word “Fuku-gyo”? The Fuku-gyo, refers to that office workers use different work arrangements by the time and, earn income from more than one place.Such as the Great East Japan Earthquake also collapse, of seniority and lifetime employment, a sense of stability, a sense of security that had the office workers in recent years we have observed is lost.Meanwhile, the word this Fuku-gyo are spreading cognitive.Unlike so-called “sideline”, can not be said to be “deputy” is either in the “Lord” is either, as “probably the same in the end” to have a job that put the effort in about the same is said to be, but is characteristic of Fuku-gyo I think you believe that there is many.In this case, we introduce the difference between misleading as “sideline” and “Fuku-gyo”.

● For example, to focus on “balance” than the total amount, let’s say you have had got ¥ 300,000 in overtime pay from the company including.By being to go home early without overtime for Fuku-gyo, income second is now entering ¥ 100,000.However, salary you receive from the company will be reduced to 180,000 yen instead overtime suddenly got zero.Then total ¥ 280,000.Since it has decreased ¥ 20,000 in the total amount of money, but it is that there is no meaning at all when viewed from the “sideline” point of view?However, this means the dispersion of risk that advanced this From the point of view of “Fuku-gyo” point of view, it will be evaluated.

● When asked office workers to focus on rather than hide the “show” that is … and make money on the side, you have an image to be performed in secret so as not to Barre to anyone anyway.However, it is quite the opposite in the case of Fuku-gyo.It is a major premise’s called, so as not to Barre is a company that is prohibited by the rules of employment, of course, but more than that is not available brand company name, that will make the active relationships with people in Fuku-gyo is It is the most important.I take the business to various places by creating a business card in the second name by all means, you can set up a blog, please try to or notice to a friend.

● I’m afraid the story of your own to focus on “fun” than the easy, but while doing office workers, I am contracted to your job sometimes writer.Company since the end you can (until about 23:00) the meeting with editors san, …… or write a document to wake up early in the morning before the daughter-in-law wakes up on Saturday and Sunday.There is no easy travel sense of a “revenue ◯ ten thousand yen! Simply by clicking” as in teaching manual of the sideline well, but the joy you are still able to publish a book of their own, get someone to read the text to many people, even the WEB immeasurable.Attitude that enjoy as much as possible in areas along the interest of their own is important in Fuku-gyo.

Anyone who was interested in “Fuku-gyo” surely, ever dabbled in the “sideline” several times, or would not it have failed.Now that you’ve put an affiliate link to blog when nobody was looking, Is not that do the result is not as little benefit? Even dabbled in financial instruments that are likely much money in absolute, why do not I suffer a loss after all? Boom of Fuku-gyo shows, that fact for granted phrase “not delicious story in the world”, many people are beginning to realize.The Fuku-gyo, it is not something that can be on the side so handy as sideline.The cumbersome as it becomes an opportunity to review way of life, your life, time-consuming, however, is something that is valuable to do.※ The image quotation from “Ashinaru”

※ Gaje of communication web writer “Masuda FuMitsuo” was written by this article.Why do not you writing together Become a web writer?
While working as a salaried worker, we are chasing the trends and issues in the workplace.
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